The STOP IT is a transparent barrier

which is an extension of the beehive.
It is easy to set up, allowing to reduce stress for the bees when they undergo attacks from their various predators such as the Vespa Velutina.

It does not prevent bees from being killed by hornets but it does allow the bees to gather pollen and bring it back to their hive.
The level of predation is therefore less strong with the Stop It as it provides the bees with different entering and exiting alternatives.

Picto abeille
The bees have
easy access to the hive

The bees can leave the hive freely by exiting through the different holes. They have easy access to the hive.

hornets and other predators are kept away and thereby
are not able to fly through the oval holes which
are narrower than their calibre.

The Stop It

Bees need a period of adaptation such as for the placing of a pollen trap. It takes around 2 days for the bees to become accustomed to it.

It is strongly advised to set it up prior to high stress periods such as to reduce the period of adaptation and let them become accustomed to this new environment. The more they are used to it, the better they will be able to defend themselves.

Hornets cannot enter while flying. They can touch down and enter walking. If the bees are already accustomed to it, they will be able to defend themselves better.

Assembly of the STOP IT
Beehive version

Assembly of the STOP IT
Little hive and warré version

Setting up the

Hive version – Little hive version

in action

Picto Facile à installer
Easy to set up
Light and portable

All you will need is a stapler and a pair of scissors
In 30 seconds flat, you will have set up your STOP IT shield